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What is the goal for kissmyopinions? Hmm.

I have always been a writer. For as long as I could remember I filled endless notebooks as a child with words. Being an only child I used to use my stories to escape into another world with my characters. That was my vice

I picked up blogging randomly one day actually. I’ve never really given much thought to then I just started writing. (I wish I could find my first blog. I am sure it is floating around somewhere in the trenches of life.

From the name alone I knew I was onto something. In a world where everything is seemingly censored, I wanted a platform where people like me, who wanted to have those tough conversations people don’t want to have out loud but also as a space to allow us to educate and hopefully transform some opinions.

Okay, Vanessa. So what is the goal?

The goal is to become the one-stop-shop for readers all over the world to hear black voices, read our opinions and have healthy conversations with us. All too often we have to adapt our writing to please the white gaze of the publications we write on behalf of.

Which often leads to many writers facing a conflict of interest. Wanting to do well at the writing they are doing and ensuring that our stories can be told but also bearing in mind that if it is “too pro-black” our stories might not be told at all.

Eventually i want the content to go from written to visual content. Something like complex infused with Madam Noire. I will always keep the written content because I’m a writer at the end of the day, so writing will always have a special place in my heart. However I am aware that the generation that we are in love the visual side of content.

I hope to also employ more young black storytellers on to amplify more of our voices.

Hopefully that gives you a glimpse into my future goals! Any ideas and Collabs I am absolutely up for it! Email me at

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  1. NASHE says

    Worddddd!! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

  2. MVENG Caroline says

    l’m a rule follower l think this is why l love people who don’t give a damn about censorship. it’s a pleasure to discover your blog. your logo is just wouah

    1. Nessa says

      Haha! Funny enough im a big rule follower but when it comes to my creativity and my views following rules is so boring! I hope i can bring you more of my rule breaking content and welcome xxx

  3. Musanjufu Benjamin says

    On most part since am here you have met your goals

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