It’s time for me to join #WinterABC2020

20 days of blogging? every day? forget tiktok challenges this is about to me a very insane month for me.

If you are new to my blog welcome to the contents of my brain. For those of you who are returning to my blog, welcome back :).

As you can see from the above image @Afrobloggers have challenged all of their followers to this year’s #WinterABC. I have often seen blogging challenges like this happen before but I have never quite felt the urge to get involved usually because most of these challenges are started by predominately white blogging groups and I find that my black voice in those networks isnt heard or ignore entirely.

So imagine my joy when I saw this pop up and when another one of my friends on twitter tagged me into the challenge, I knew this was God send me the sign that it is time for me to finally get involved and this is where I will need you my oh so lovely readers to help me.

“Us? How can we help?”

Well. I need people to hold me to account of course. I have a horrible habit of not completing things (I am trying to work on this and hopefully this challenge will be the boost I need) but for the days where it all gets a bit much or I have had one too many glasses of Vodka and Tropical juice (my new favorite quarantine drink) I need you guys to get onto me and ensure I stick to my pledge.


Yes I am taking this as opportunity to pledge my dedication to this challenge. By the end of it I hope to have grown my views on my blog and to also have completed all 20 days.

So wish me luck! and I shall be back to report how it went. Bring on #WinterABC2020

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  1. Musanjufu Benjamin says

    Sister, we got you, prepared to read you every day and I for one am good at holding people account so I pledge to that

  2. Oden says

    I will be with you all the way, I love how you write and cant wait to discover more from you.

  3. NASHE says

    Ooh we will hold you accountable alright!! Looking forward to reading more

    1. Nessa says

      Yes PLEASE!!! This is the energy I need!

  4. Nicole says

    I can’t wait to read your blogs!!!

    1. Nessa says

      Thank youuu!!!

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