Dear Black Men,

Photo Cred : BET May 2015

Yes you are a Gangster.

Yes you are street.

Yes you are dangerous.

Yes you should be feared.

No. this is not a bad thing.

Ever since i could remember Black boys have always been a target, be it in school, be it in the workplace, be it just walking down the road protecting your head from the cold, they have always been a target.

I was watching an episode of #BKChatLDN where one the cast members said something along the lines “Black boys have so much to carry on their shoulders in the UK” and she wasn’t lying.

In the USA we see Black men, young and old gunned down for something their white counterparts would be arrested for or somehow detained, however it isn’t the case for the young black man 9/10 they end up another hashtag.

The portrayal of young black men in society is not a positive picture,” Burkes told HuffPost. “Just because a person [is] African-American does not mean we are ‘hoodlums’ or individuals involved in crime.” — EJ Brown, Artist

Stormzy’s album dropped recently which clearly highlights where he stands with #BlackLivesMatter but he has faced some backlash with people saying “what about white kings” “this is just another black lives matter message” to them i say YES! YES IT IS ABOUT BLACK BOYS he is a black boy, who has known and faced difficulties from simply being black and just because he is now mainstream suddenly he should forget his hardships? forget the fact that most white people didn’t even know who he was or cared to know until he was mainstream, you didn’t care when he was just a black boy trying to make it out of the “hood” to you he was just another “roadman” another “hood black boy”.

I posted the photo of mugshot graduates because i believe that art is the only way we can push our message because art is universal and it sends a loud and clear message that it is time we stop judging a book by its cover and actually read the pages.

Black boys you guys are heroes, warriors, kings, so yes you may be gangster, you may be street, you may be angry, you may be a thug (Whatever that is) but you know what that isn’t such a bad thing, because it taught you to be able to stand tall in the face of ANY adversity.

The reality is that they fear what they dont understand, they cant understand how a race that has faced such harsh oppression can come out on top, even as far as to becoming president and it scares them, Black men you have so much to be proud, you have fought a system that was never built for you it was built when we were enslaved so we were never factored in but look at all the black kings everywhere you look that should remind you that you can still win, win your own way, just keep winning keep fighting.

Photo Credit GoogleImages

Black men you are beautiful.

Just because you are black doesn’t mean you are a criminal.

We love you..

We appreciate you…

(Even the trash ones)

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