#KMOTalks : Living & Dating on a budget – 5 Ways To Make It Work

Want to date? But your pockets are saying no? Well here are my tips for dating while broke…

You went over on your phone bill a little and your direct debit decided to come out a day early? It’s a whole two weeks till payday? Suddenly those work drinks last friday werent such a good idea and now you have a date.

So how do you make it work when you are broke? Read on…

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1. Date Within Your Means.

I cannot stress this enough. There is nothing worse than your date wanting to go to hakkasan and YOU DO NOT have hakkasan money because you will really embarrass yourself for nothing.
So picking the right spot to go on a date is VITAL.

It is not often about going to the most expensive places.

Understanding what your prospective partners interests are can greatly help in a situation like this, it gives you the chance to source a date location that is wallet friendly (or have an extensive search through Groupon, wowcher etc)

But please if your prospective bar likes the finer things in life and your bank account does not agree with it – cut your losses and find another its not everyday go broke on a date.

” Don’t Go Broke Trying To Act Rich” – Anonymous

2. Save Yourself Pay In Cash.

Now if your finances are a bit higga hagga having a card is mayhem.
You see apple pay.
That thing.
You can spend over £50 and not notice (I recommend getting a monzo account) however when i can see the £50 in my purse for some weird reason i am able to control how much i am spending much easier.

The same stands true when it comes to eating out especially on a date.
So when you suddenly have to withdraw hakkasan money you will feel the money in your hand and if for any reason your chest starts to shake.
Then you should be thinking about alternative places to take them.

3. Plan Ahead Of Time

There is no shame in checking the restaurant menu before heading out for a date.
In fact smart people will check the menu because it allows you to be able to budget accordingly.
Its especially important when it comes to drinks because, in my opinion, that is where you will start to see the zeroes appear.
So knowing how much to allocate to your special night out is vital to surviving the night.

But really and truly it is all about dating how it suits you.
You can make it work and if the person you want to spend time with is, wants to spend time with you they will also make it work.

Till My Next Opinion.

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