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This is part of series of informative posts that you can passive-aggressively send to your colleagues, to those who have been yelled at for touching someone’s hair and are unsure as to “what is wrong with that” this is for you. In case you werent aware do not touch someone’s hair

Where do I start with this?

I like to experiment with my hair often – with the rise of YT tutorials it has made it so much easier for me to experiment with different looks, colours, styles. Meaning it is possible for me to come in with a new look every Monday.

Throughout history, Black men and women’s hair has been policied this even extends to children. We have been denied opportunities because we chose to wear our hair in its natural afro, locks and braids. Forcing many to have to wear their hair in “white approved” hairstyles.

Don’t believe me? Well, California was the first state to actually pass a law that stops this type of discrimination. IN 2019. A WHOLE 2019! So before then an employer could deny you a job or send you home because of your hair.

I say all this to say….

Do. Not. Touch. My. Hair.

I don’t actually understand why I have to say this – first of all, I don’t know where your hands have been, secondly, I don’t know you like that for you to even be in my personal breathing space let alone touching my hair, thirdly if you really cant curb your curiosity (again I don’t understand why you would be curious…but whatever)


Say it with me

“I Becky/Jared Will ASK FIRST before commencing to touch a black woman’s head”- or I can catch these hands”

Now I don’t advocate violence in the workplace (unless necessary obviously) but honestly, I am actually tired of having to deal with people touching my hair and with the aggressive stereotype to already battle in the workplace – a lot of women don’t feel comfortable saying don’t touch my hair just because lucy may get offended and it will escalate and somehow we get the blame

Hair is hair. I know black girls have magical crowns and the way our hair is so versatile is mind-blowing to you yes, yes I understand but as Sister Solange Said :

“Don’t touch my hair When it’s the feelings I wear, Don’t touch my soul When it’s the rhythm I know, Don’t touch my crown, They say the vision I’ve found, Don’t touch what’s there. When it’s the feelings I wear”

– Solange ft Sampha – Dont Touch My Hair . 2016

Especially because when it comes to doing Black Women’s hair it takes us long enough as it is to wash and style and I do not want your unverified hands in my hair.

So please to all my curious white people reading this please understand.

1. I am not an amusement attraction for you to come and be oohing and awwing and I don’t want to have to be ducking everyday

2. Don’t ask the following questions:- Where is your hair? oh, do you still have your own natural hair? How long is it? Where does your real hair start? I’m not going to answer them because again, I’m not an exhibition at black hair museums r’ us.

3. Once again. Do. NOT. TOUCH.


Take this information with you, print it out, stick it on your desk just so you don’t forget – because I am sorry to break it to you, Gemma, you will try this with the wrong black woman and she will not be as forgiving.

oh yeah. For the “It is not your hair technically”

Wrong. It is my hair because I paid for it

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