Handcuffed Pod By Rena Tunechi

Every month I will be sharing with you the Podcasts I cannot get enough of. This Month’s Podcast is the amazing “Handcuffed Pod”.

Rena Tunechi Host of Handcuffed Pod

Handcuffed is a True Crime podcast. Every 2 weeks Rena Tunechi the host shares some of the most notorious, perplexing and confusing crimes in the UK and the rest of the World. She delves into stories with twists and turns that will have you on the edge of your seat, bringing along her guest co-hosts for the ride.

So as I am huge fan of Rena’s I wanted to learn more about her and luckily she said yes. So read on to find out more

What made you decide to focus on true crime?

Rena : When I was younger I loved watching crime especially murder mysteries, sitting in front of the tv trying to guess the perpetrator before the show ended was thrilling. Those tv programs evolved into documentaries and eventually I found myself listening to true crime podcasts. The special thing about True Crime is that there is never a shortage of stories to be told. Stories that not only interest us but connects us as humans. We all know someone who has been a victim of crime. What I admire about the genre is the strength of the victims and the others affected but also the perseverance of the people who solve the crime whether that be the police.

I usually find myself to be the only one In my friendship group who has a large interest in true crime and I had no one to discuss cases with after I listened to a podcast. Many people think true crime is just about serial killers and bloody murders but it’s not. Any crime story can be true crime. You have your gangster stories, your white colour crime and your conspiracies.

After realising there was no black true crime podcaster in the UK I decided to fill the gap because I knew there were others like myself.

What is like being a black pod-caster in such a nice subject?

Rena: I think in any industry which is mainly dominated by a white hosts and listeners it can be difficult to breakthrough as a black person. It can be daunting because people may label your podcast without you opening your mouth or they just won’t give you the time of day because it’s very different to what they usually listen to. I have received positive feedback from all types of people which proves the true crime community to be kind. In the UK there is no black true crime podcaster compared to the US where there is a small collective but there is a wide audience to reach and I’m happy to be the voice that connects two communities.

What are your favourite true crime cases?

The cold case of Anna Mae Florence, an elderly woman who was brutally murdered in her home. It took officials 27 years to solve the case. There are many twists and turns in the story and the evidence gathering is interesting

The Hart family car crash. I share this story on episode 5. It’s a very sad story but it’s one of my favourites because there are many unanswered questions. It’s also a story where those involved captured the hearts of whole world before their lives even became a true crime tale which is kind of spooky. 

What are some of your favourite True Crime pods?

Crime Junkie! I think if you’re into true crime then you definitely heard of this podcast

Court Junkie- it’s more factual and investigative. The podcast mainly goes through the court trials of cases. It a great way to learn about court procedures in real time 

Scam Goddess- is my new found fav. It’s a true crime podcast that only focuses on fraud cases. It’s very lighthearted and has a lot of comedy. It proves true crime doesn’t have to be about blood and gore and it’s ok to have a laugh sometimes.

You can find Handcuffed podcast on Apple podcasts and Spotify.

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