#KMOREVIEWS : “My Sister The Serial Killer”

Oyinkan Braitwaite

My Sister the serial Killer. I already know with a title like that and it is set in Lagos, Nigeria, I knew I was in for a ride and, Oyinkan Braithwaite’s debut novel doesn’t disappoint.

The story begins with Korede, sponge in hand, talking us through the difficulties of removing blood from specific areas. If anyone would know; Korede would. After all, this is the third body she has cleaned up since Ayoola became a pro in self-defence.

Instead, she focuses more on the sisterly dynamics between Korede (the older sister) and Ayoola (the younger sister), which I think is very important in this story. Oyinkan does a fantastic job describing the busy streets of Lagos from the behaviour of the police to the traffic, to the woes of the medical system. 

my sister the serial killer

From the moment I picked up the book, I could not put it down. I even purchased the book in audible version, which I highly recommend and the story was brought to life even more. 

I especially loved how she highlighted the pressures placed on women to get married within African cultures and how people treat you based on how beautiful you are and the lack of accountability that is often associated with this. 

I often found myself mirroring Korode’s frustration while reading. There are many times I found myself cursing at Ayoola (very awkward when you are at work). But that is a testament to Oyinkan amazing skills as a writer, and I connected with the characters from the first page, I felt their emotions take me on a rollercoaster.

The chapters are short and compact with Korode mostly speaking in a matter-of-fact manner which meant that there was not a lot of waffling and you were able to understand their lives and the impacts of their choices in less than three pages (I am sure most chapters were about three or four pages long) 

She also shines a light on the often difficult situations family members can be put in and how we often have to choose between our morals and our family.

Overall I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for something to read/listen to on the commute (or at the gym – I was that hooked).

I am absolutely here for African based thrillers in 2020, so I hope there is another chapter to the Korode and Ayoola story.

My Sister The Serial Killer” Is Available on Amazon (£5.99 plus free shipping) and it is available on Audible as part of 30-Day free trial

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