With everyone becoming more aware of the sexual lives, the rise of Onlyfans and more and more women are wanting to ask questions and learn more tips and tricks to add more spice to their sex lives. I know I definitely have learnt a lot in the last 6 months and one of the podcasts that have really helped me learn more is BROKEN PUSSY PODCAST!!!

#BrokenPussyPodcast The Fortnightly #SexPositive Podcast. With hosts Amethyst, Ruby, and Topaz discuss all things SEX, The Good, The Bad & The Downright Nasty! With a variety of guests who provide insight into better sexual health, better sex, better relationships if you aren’t listening to them I do not know what you are doing .

I was lucky enough to be able to catch up with the ladies and I asked them some questions about #BrokenPussyPodcast and also what sexual positions they like…

How did you come up with the name #BrokenPussyPodcast?

For us it was about the fact that everybody has sex and yet it was still a taboo topic, people didn’t discuss sex or sex related topics and there was a huge misconception about black women enjoying sex and having sex. We wanted a chance to discuss that misconception, to share our experiences and give other black women a platform and a voice to share theirs too. We found a gap in the market of podcasting and we felt we could fill it.  

What is one of your funniest memories about doing the pod?

Amethyst – So there has been so many funny moments on Broken Pussy Podcast but my absolute favourite has to be when we each had our male friends join us in the studio. “Saturn In Cherryade” from the beginning to the end we were in fits of laughter. It didn’t feel like we were even recording it just felt like such a vibe.  

What are your favourite sex positions?

We discussed this recently and there was a unanimous agreement that doggy in all its variations is top 2 and might not even be number 2. For Amyethyst, the seashell position, better described as ‘leg pon shoulder’ is also a great option. For Ruby its riding and Topaz loves missionary in all its variations. 

Is there a reason that you don’t associate your real names with the pod?

At the beginning it was simply because we weren’t sure what the podcast direction would be so we chose the gem names. As time has pass, we have really come to associate ourselves with the gem names, it allows us to have an anonymity, also helps us to have guests on anonymously and to discuss things we might not as our actual selves and the gem names have become a part of our identities.   

What episode would you recommend to a first-time listener?

This is such a hard question because there are so many great intro episodes but I think our debut episode “In the beginning God made hoes”. That episode was just so raw and chaotic but it was also the start to crazy broken pussy adventure. 

What will 2020 look like for broken pussy?

More collaborations, more live panel discussion hopefully and just building our brand.   

Listened to all the episodes and want to see the lovely ladies of BrokenPussyPodcast Live? Here is where you can find them :

March 8th @ Women and Sex: International Women’s Day 2020. An event run by Benhue which aims to tackle sex and how it is discussed in public in relation to women and their sexuality. 
Tickets are still available here

March 15th @ Eroticon. Which is a 3 day summit on all things sex and erotica. Tickets can be purchased here

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