“My Partner Doesn’t Want Me Wearing Certain Items of Clothing”

I have seen this discussion time and time again on the streets of twitterville and to be honest there really is no right or wrong stance to take on this, because it is really down to the two people in the relationship.


So your partner doesn’t want you to wear certain types of clothing? What does it all mean

Understanding where your partner’s view is just as important in resolving this.

I say this because if you’re boyfriend or girlfriend is telling you not to wear jeans because they don’t appreciate people looking at the assets, that is emphasised by said jeans, then you need to sit down and have a conversation with them because we don’t need to be dating irrational people in 2019.

HOWEVER if you are in a situation, where you are wearing something they may perhaps be sheer, exposing an areola, you may want to discuss your reasoning for why you want to wear this but you must also be willing to also hear your partners P.O.V.

Now i often hear women saying

“What do you mean let? My boyfriend cant let me do anything”

“You aint my dad to tell me what to wear”

Sis, if you go out looking crazy in these streets you are a reflection of him and vice versa.

For example – Your boyfriend decides to get a mohawk in 2019 you know damn well you are going to put a stop to that whole situation arent you?

If he wanted to wear a mankini to the beach in miami – would you LET him???!

Of course not. So instead of looking at it as a control element look at it from an area of perhaps “concern”

BUT AT THE SAME TIME…Treat it as a case by case situation

No two men/women are alike. So just because one may say dont wear this and their thought process is more along the lines of your personal safety when you are out.

DONT be confused by Mr Insecure

Because there is a difference in how those two will approach the situation

Concern : You look good as hell but i dont know how comfortable you will be? Or i dont want these guys trying to come up you and harass you based on your clothing because some men are stupid.

Insecure : *wears a bodycon dress* You look like a hoe are you a hoe why is it so right for etc.. (general disrespectful terminology used)

Again this is just one case but i genuinely judge someone’s intent on the tone of their delivery.

But again dont let social media rule your relationship – your relationship your rules

(P.S always use your head not your heart in these situations)

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