#Sisterwife or Nah?

The other day i was with a friend in his car, and we were having a general chit chat about life and how it seemed like everyone around us are having babies, and getting married. (i’ve already dedicated a specific post to this). He then mentioned, that he doesn’t see himself with just one girlfriend and that apparently this is normal now.

I was about to scold him. when I realised there actually was a “small bit” of truth to what to what he was saying, with more and more “sidepieces” making themselves known. I actually started to wonder was I team #Sisterwives or Nah.

One of the most infamous sisterwives of this generation are “TazsAngels”. Who have been very open about their “relationship” with Taz, the Trio consists of (Cat, Ab and Taz) and some others depending on the month.

Taz and His Angels (Apparently) – (Photo cred IG: @TazsAngels)

Now they have been very open with their views on their “polyfly” relationship in a post they wrote:

“A lot of people don’t understand our relationship to #Taz, or what #Sisterwives are,” read the post. “Taz is our king and yes we all share him, the way I look at it is we rather have a quarter of a real n – –er than a whole F – n – –er, most ya b – –ches sharing ya man with ur best friend, ur neighbour, s – t, even ur sister and don’t even know it… At the end of the day it’s our life and we don’t give a f – – what anyone thinks about us, @asianmaryjane looking like she might fit in nice with our family, we haven’t had an Korean Angel yet, what ya think?”

– Polyfly.

However they arent the only ones who seem to agree with this logic, famous comedian DeRay Davis showed the world that having two girlfriends isnt as bad on Oxygen’s™ “Living with Funny”. In an interview with CW33 he explains how he is able to maintain having two girlfriends,

“It’s just a comfort zone for me and for them and it’s nothing that needs to be explained,” DeRay commented. “We accept gay marriage, we accept all this stuff, but it’s shun upon to have a man with two girlfriends — and it shouldn’t be, especially when they’re happy.” – Kaz

So, what do you think? should we open our minds to the idea of no longer dating just one person? or, should we keep love between two people just as it’s always been? I asked some of my followers what their thoughts were on the matter ;

@Laura_ tweet did get me thinking however, because my grandma was one of three wives and besides the petty squabbling (her words), they all got on pretty well, which then led me to realise that Laura had just touched on a very good point.

The Amish are probably the most famous when it comes to “sisterwives” as this how their community live, and after having watched shows on TLC about Amish Living (TLC is literally my guilty pleasure). i realised the wives are actually there for the more “practical” aspect of marriage (child rearing, cooking, keeping the house in order etc.) and less of the “#BaeEffect” the more romantic side of a relationship.

Which circles us back to my initial question – do you think you could be a sisterwife? Or Men do you think you could be a husband of many?

“I mean hey it might be nice to have an extra pair of hands around and a extra pair of hands in be…I’ll save that for another post”

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