#KMOTalks : What to do when your partner isn’t #TeamAffection

“I love you but i wont show it much”

I usually dont like to write gender based posts because i try to avoid being bias (again this is very hard in this day and age) but nonetheless i do try to avoid it because i am not here to be put in one category.


I am coming for some of my beloved black men today.

Yes you.

Call me what you want.

I am really here for you today.


I am sure a lot of you are of african/Caribbean descent and you all have your idea what romance is.

As a black woman i cant actually say with my whole chest that romance in black love is dead, you see papoose yeah guys like him are far and few apart but before you men come and open your faces in my mentions and comments

“Well maybe he doesnt like you enough, guys do that for girls they love”

Ok so i take it your dad didnt love your mum? Because you know for a fact the only time your mum got flowers from your dad was on mother’s day, her birthday and maybe their anniversary if you remembered to order it on behalf of your dad.

I know it is not your faults, hell a lot of you dont even know how to express your emotions effectively enough let alone go and order flowers and right soppy messages.


For many woman it really is the little things, and a lot of you make comments about this on twitter

“Wow you girls must be dating trash guys, this is basic shit”

Oh is it chief relationship expert? Basic shit right? Think to yourself when was the last time you did some of that “basic” shit and i mean after you have slipped and landed between her legs (because we all know that is the real test, the stage before is just a chess game to many)

It is crazy but so many things have just become normalised in a relationship mainly things women have to put up with again we see it everywhere :


LOVE AND HIP HOP Y’ALLL – Kirk and Rasheeda, Tami and Flocka, Porn Star Mimi and Sleezooo Stevie all these relationships have ended with the woman sacrificing herself – again a lot you annoying men will say “oh she is a bird why wont she leave” but in the same breath will go and cheat then come and say sorry and expect to be forgiven. Stop that shit its 2017 fuck around and she will marry her work husband and you will see the hashtag on Instagram.

Men do not forgive women for cheating. Women forgive men for cheating.

Women stop forgiving men for cheating (i will really cover this in more detail in another post)

Men, for goodness sakes pay goddam attention, if she comes home from a long day of work and she is tired and you can see this dont be an ass and still expect food or sex – be considerate of her tiredness and odds are she will still go get the food or suck your dick whichever one but again

Its the thought that counts.

Many of you miss the little things and focus on the extra stuff social media says girls like a bathtub of roses or a trunk of designers shoes, that is unrealistic unless you are rich and we know you arent so stop thinking we all want that crazy stuff (i am not cleaning no damn rose petals in the morning)

– if you know your girlfriend likes weed have a blunt rolled up for her when she gets home,

your girl loves makeup? Maybe buy her a cheeky beauty blender or makeup wipes

And my personal favourite is – sometimes a simple message can brighten her whole day at work “how are you” or “i miss you slyly” whichever works but again it shows you are thinking of her

Women think about you lot all the time, everywhere we go, think about shopping in your house for example you never run low on deodorants, vaseline, razor blades, soap, why because your mum/gf remembers these things and ensures you have it.

Despite my opening i am not mad at most of you because again most of you never experienced this in your surroundings and by the time you did the concept was foreign to you, as the women around you and you have had dealings with accepted it but dont assume every woman will, and you will be sad when you lose a good woman just because you couldn’t bring yourself too

Show her how much you care cause you think its “moist/soggy”

(Not just giving good dick and forehead kisses…which by the way are both always accepted btw)

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