Five Ways To Manage Working From Home: #TheSpouseEdition.

We have all been following the news for the past couple of weeks from Ms Coronavirus first made her appearance in Wuhan a few weeks ago.

African American Man On Phone
Putting on a hoodie for the work facetime call – when you are most likely wearing boxers

Now for many of us we have been instructed to work from home. For many this is the dream, being able to turn on your laptop while still wearing your PJs and bonnet. I know for sure I love the opportunities that I can get to work from home.

But these are different times. With Boris Johnson announcing on Monday 23rd evening’s prime minister’s statement. Many people woke up to emails advising that they will be working from home and suddenly the choice was no longer, do I want to work from home today? it became, where in the house am I going to be working today

Usually when working from home, other members of the household are at work, school, just not in the house and you are pretty much all by yourself. But what about the situation where you and your partner/family member are all working from home?

Alas! You have searched google and found this piece and you desperately looking for a solution on how not to commit murder and I am here to save you.

1. Discuss Working Arrangements

Some people’s jobs are more flexible in how the day goes. For me I am just answering emails for most of the day which means my day is pretty simple and I am not having to adhere to the strict schedule that someone who would be working on a customer service line.

Understanding how your WFH buddy schedule is set up should help you to understand will you need to put headphones in, while your working instead of Piers Morgan yelling in the background while your buddy is on the phone.

2. Be Respectful of each other’s space

You will be sharing an office space doing different work. This office space is also your home space. The same home space that they also have regular access to when they aren’t at worst. Suddenly you are head to over the fact that their mouse is infringing upon your hand rest space and world war 3 has kicked off now.

If like me you don’t have a desk or a separate room to work in aside from the bedroom. Then keeping clear space boundaries is more vital than ever. Divide the space equally and if necessary schedule in times to swap or make a rota of who sits where and when and stick to it. This is where communication and compromise will be your biggest tools.

Also save all work complaints till lunch.

3. Lunch…But together?

Lunch for many people is a time of solitude to catch up on the world of social media and just some good old fashion alone time away from work duties.

But when you are cooped at home with family/partners this becomes your time to have a proper little catchup about the first half of each other’s day. Which is why I tell you in rule number 2 to leave all temptations to rant about work until lunchtime.

I know when I have had a tough morning at work I cannot wait till tell my boyfriend about it at lunch so instead of having to communicate over text I appreciate being able to go on “lunch” together and have a good catchup especially after staring at your laptop for a few hours.

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4. Take Regular Breaks…From Each Other.

If you happen to be quarantining with your partner then you guys are already in each other’s space more than usual. Taking regular breaks is crucial to keeping your sanity, otherwise before you know all the cute mannerisms that would make you swoon are making you consider throwing them out of the window.

Taking regular breaks ensures you have time to unwind from each other and trust me you will thank me for it in the long run.

5. Accept that you will absolutely argue.

This one is important because I think people can be very delusional about arguing in relationships. To those who have siblings, you have fought with your siblings on several occasions however that does not impact how much you love them. So I suggest using similar logic here you will inevitably butt heads and acceptance of this allows you to go into any arguments with a clearer understanding (hopefully)

Hopefully these tips will have you guys at peace and if you have any additional tips I would love to hear them in the comments in the below.

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