Are you an Insurance Plan?

Just a quick post on something me and my friend was talking about when we went for drinks last week, he was telling me about a friend of his who was in a back and forth relationship with her boyfriend, he had cheated on her three times and

The Goal For

What is the goal for kissmyopinions? Hmm. I have always been a writer. For as long as I could remember I filled endless notebooks as a child with words. Being an only child I used to use my stories to escape into another world with my

#Sisterwife or Nah?

The other day i was with a friend in his car, and we were having a general chit chat about life and how it seemed like everyone around us are having babies, and getting married. (i’ve already dedicated a specific post to this). He

New Year…Same You.

The champagne has been popped. The remnants of broken 2020 headbands litter the floors. You have woken up and its January 1st and you the reality of a new year comes crashing down. Like thousands of people across the world, you have

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